WHILDE Summer Camp!

For adventurous campers age 7 - 11

Camp Starts at 8:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm

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Hello, Adventurous Families!

Welcome to WHILDE School's Summer Camps, where each day is an exciting journey into learning, creativity, and fun! Our camps are specially designed to ignite young imaginations and foster a love for discovery in a safe, nurturing environment.

At WHILDE School, we believe in the magic of blending themed adventures with essential learning. Each camper's day is packed with activities centered around our weekly themes, enriched with additional learning opportunities in math, reading, and writing. We strive to maximize outdoor time, ensuring that fun and learning go hand-in-hand under the sun!

We encourage you to join us for all eight weeks to immerse your child in the full spectrum of fun and learning we offer. It's an opportunity for them to grow, laugh, and enjoy every aspect of summer to the fullest.

Explore our camp offerings and find the perfect summer adventure for your child at WHILDE School's Summer Camps. Let's make this summer not just memorable but truly extraordinary!

Ready for a summer packed with adventure and learning? Sign up today and join the fun!

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The WHILDE School Summer Camp Team

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Eight fun-packed weeks!

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🚀 Galactic Space - A Cosmic Adventure Awaits

Week 1:  June 17th thru June 21st

Get ready for a week of galactic fun at WHILDE School's Space Week Summer Camp! This is where young space enthusiasts become intrepid explorers of the universe.

Our campers will embark on an exciting journey through space, where each day is a new adventure into the wonders of the cosmos. They'll become junior astronauts, exploring the far reaches of our solar system and discovering the unique features of each planet.

In our Space Science Labs, campers will get hands-on with cool experiments. They'll mix up comet ingredients to see what comets are really made of, build their own mini solar systems, and even investigate how craters are formed on the moon – all while having a blast!

As our space journey comes to an end, we'll celebrate the new knowledge and memories with a fun celebration. It's a time to honor our young space adventurers and the exciting cosmic journey they've completed.

Space Week is more than just a camp; it's a gateway to a universe of imagination and discovery. So, suit up for a week filled with interstellar excitement and cosmic adventures at Space Week! 🌠👨‍🚀🌟

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🧱  Lego World Builders - Build, Create, Imagine

Week 2:  June 24th thru June 28th

Welcome to Lego World Adventure Camp at WHILDE School, where imagination and LEGO bricks come together! This week, young builders will dive into a world of creativity, constructing everything from towering castles to futuristic cars.

In our Engineering Marvels Workshop, campers will learn the basics of design and mechanics, turning simple bricks into extraordinary creations. They'll discover the joy of building and the thrill of seeing their ideas take shape.

The excitement peaks with our LEGO Car Racing Championship. Kids will design their own LEGO vehicles and race them in a friendly competition, combining fun with lessons in physics and design.

As the week wraps up, we'll celebrate their creativity in a LEGO Art Gallery Showcase, inviting friends and family to admire their LEGO masterpieces.

Join us for a week of imagination, innovation, and fun at Lego World Adventure Camp. It's a place where every brick is a step toward creativity, and every creation tells a story. Let's build some fun! 🌟🧱🏗️🎉

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🔬  STEAM Explorers - Explore, Create, and Innovate

Week 3:  July 8th thru July 12th

Welcome to STEAM Week at WHILDE School, where Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics come alive in the most exciting ways! This camp is a playground for young minds to fuel their creativity and innovation.

Each day, campers will embark on a hands-on adventure, diving into the fascinating world of STEAM. They'll experiment with chemistry, play with physics, and turn complex concepts into fun, engaging activities.

In our Mad Scientist Lab, curiosity takes center stage with experiments that are as fun as they are educational. Plus, our Gaming and Esports activities add a dash of competitive excitement, teaching teamwork and strategic thinking.

The week wraps up with a celebration of our campers' creativity and achievements.

Join us at STEAM Week for a camp experience that's not just about learning—it's about discovering the joy of innovation and seeing imagination come to life. It's a week where every experiment and game is a step towards a bright, inventive future!  🌋 🎮 🔍

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🎨 Artistic Adventures - Paint, Creative and Express

Week 4:  July 15th thru July 19th

Welcome to Art Week at WHILDE School, a vibrant celebration of creativity and artistic expression! Perfect for budding artists of all levels, this camp is a canvas for imagination and discovery.

Throughout the week, campers will immerse themselves in a world of art, exploring various mediums in our Canvas of Possibilities. From the swirls of watercolors to the textures of collages, they'll be guided by our instructors to express themselves and find their unique artistic voice.

Our camp provides a nurturing environment for children to develop their love for the arts. It's a place where freedom of exploration meets fun through diverse creative processes and techniques.

The week culminates in an Art Showcase and Open Studio, inviting families to marvel at the campers' masterpieces celebrating their creativity and growth.

Join us for Art Week Summer Camp for an unforgettable experience of artistic exploration and self-expression. It's a chance for kids to paint, sculpt, and create in a world brimming with color and imagination. Sign up for a week of artistic adventure and watch your child's creativity soar!  🧑‍🎨 🖍️ 🎨

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🤝 Olympic Challenge - Celebrate Sportsmanship and Teamwork

Week 5:  July 22nd thru July 26th

Welcome to Olympic Week at our camp, where the spirit of the Olympics comes alive in a fun and friendly environment! This week is all about athleticism, sportsmanship, and the thrill of competition.

Get ready for a week filled with action and excitement:

  • Track and Field Spectacle: Sprint to the finish line, leap in long jumps, and show off your speed and agility.
  • Team Sports Tournament: Team up for soccer, basketball, and more. It's all about teamwork, strategy, and fun!
  • Field Day Challenges: Engage in a variety of outdoor activities that test skill, coordination, and teamwork. From tug-of-war to relay races, there's excitement for everyone.

The week culminates in a grand Medal Ceremony, where we celebrate every camper's achievement, honor their sportsmanship, and award medals to our outstanding young athletes.

Olympic Week is more than just about winning. It's a time to push your limits, embrace teamwork, and live the Olympic values of friendship, respect, and excellence. Whether you're a budding athlete or trying a new sport for the first time, this week is packed with triumphs and team spirit.

Are you ready to unleash your inner champion? Join us for Olympic Week, and let the games begin! 🏆🏃‍♂️

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🔐 Spy Adventure - Decode, Discover, and Adventure  🕶️

Week 6:  July 29th thru August 2nd

Welcome to Secret Agent Week at WHILDE School's summer camp, where the world of espionage comes to life! This week, campers become master spies, ready for adventure and mystery.

Here's what our young agents can look forward to:

  • Code-breaking Challenges: Campers will become cryptographers, cracking codes and solving puzzles that test their wit and patience, honing their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Disguise and Camouflage Workshop: Learn the art of stealth! Campers will create their own spy gear and gadgets, mastering the tricks of disguise with everything from invisible ink to unique costumes.
  • Spy-themed Arts and Crafts: Design secret agent badges, build imaginative spy gadgets, and keep a personalized spy journal to document all the covert missions and experiences.

The week ends with a thrilling "Mission Accomplished" Celebration, where we'll honor our campers' achievements with special awards and certificates, celebrating their journey into the exciting world of espionage.

Enroll your child in Secret Agent Week for a week of intrigue, excitement, and adventure. Spaces are limited, so book now for an unforgettable experience where every camper gets to live out their secret agent dreams. Are you ready to embark on a mission of discovery and excitement? Secret Agent Week awaits! 📜🏅 🕵️‍♂️🔍

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🐠 Under the Sea - Dive into the Ocean Wonders  🌊

Week 7:  August 5th thru August 9th

Dive into Under the Sea Week at WHILDE School's summer camp, a magical journey into the depths of the ocean! This week is a perfect blend of marine exploration, education, and fun, ideal for young ocean enthusiasts and curious explorers.

Here's a glimpse of the aquatic adventures:

  • Ocean Explorer Boot Camp: Campers become junior oceanographers, learning about marine biodiversity, ocean habitats, and the importance of conservation. Interactive activities make the mysteries of the deep sea come alive.
  • Mermaid and Merman Craft Extravaganza: Unleash creativity by designing mermaid tails, crafting underwater scenes, and exploring mythical sea creatures. It's a blend of art and oceanic folklore.
  • Seashell Art and Jewelry-Making: Transform beach treasures into beautiful artworks and accessories, capturing the essence of the sea.
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Project: Learn about these majestic creatures and the efforts to conserve them, fostering a sense of responsibility towards our oceans.

Enroll your child in Under the Sea Week for an unforgettable exploration of our oceans. It's a week of discovery, creativity, and conservation, inspiring a lifelong love for the wonders beneath the waves. Join us for an aquatic adventure like no other! 🐢🏖️🐚🐠🦀🌊

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🏕️ Survivor Adventure - Explore, Challenge, and Triumph

Week 8:  August 12th thru August 16th

Join us at WHILDE School's Survivor Adventure Camp for a week of exhilarating wilderness challenges and team-building triumphs! This camp is all about outdoor adventure, survival skills, and the spirit of teamwork.

Here's what our young adventurers can expect:

  • Wilderness Navigation Quest: Equipped with maps and compasses, campers will explore Yarmouth's diverse landscapes, honing their navigation and problem-solving skills on a thrilling treasure hunt.
  • Shelter Building Battle: Teams will get creative and resourceful, constructing shelters from natural materials. This challenge tests building skills and promotes cooperation and innovation.
  • Survivor Junior Finale Challenge: A series of physical and mental trials await, where teams will put their skills to the ultimate test, striving to become Survivor Junior Champions.

The week concludes with a Survivor Junior Awards Ceremony, celebrating each camper's achievements and the unforgettable experiences they've shared.

Enroll your child in Survivor Junior Adventure Camp for a week of empowering outdoor challenges and team triumphs. It's a perfect opportunity for them to develop leadership skills, resilience, and a love for nature in a safe and engaging environment. Adventure awaits at Survivor Week – are you ready to embrace the wild? 🌲🏕️🌲

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    All Campers will have Fun, Fun, and more Fun! ( and will learn while having fun too )

    Camps weeks are Monday - Friday

    Drop off is at 8:00 am with pickup at 2:00 pm.

    Campers are to be between age 7 - 11 at the start of the camp week.

    Camp is at the WHILDE School and the Royal River Park. However, camp is predomently outdoors.

    Camp size is approx 20 campers with a 5:1 camper/councelor ratio

    All Campers receive a Camp T-Shirt.

    Campers are to bring their own lunch, snacks and water bottles

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  • Fine Print

    How will you be charged?

    When you register today, you will be charged a $50.00 Non-Refundable Registration (Deposit) Fee per camp plus the full balance of the camp fee.

    Cancellations & Refunds:

    1.  Anyone requesting a cancelation prior to four weeks before the start of the camp will receive a refund of all monies paid less their Non-refundable Registration (Deposit) Fee of $50.00 per camp week.
    2.  Anyone requesting a cancelation prior to two weeks from the start of the camp will receive a $100.00 refund per camp week canceled.
    3.  Anyone requesting a cancelation from the Friday prior to the start of the camp will not receive a refund.
    4.  Anyone wishing to switch camps may do so provided
      1. There is an opening in the camp they want to go into. AND
      2. The requested change occurs prior to two weeks to the start of the camp that was originally registered AND
      3. Agrees to an additional $50.00 change fee.

    Other Rules

    1. All Families must sign and agree to a behavior policy.
    2. The Camp Ratio is 1:5, and all campers must be able to manage their needs and behaviors within that ratio.  If in doubt, please reach out to us at
    3. Pickup - There is no aftercare program, and campers must be picked up no later than 2:00 p.m. each camp day.  If a Family is late picking their child up, there will be a charge of $1.00 per minute after a five-minute grace period.