The WHILDE School is a special homeschool program that creates a unique learning plan for each student based on their skills and abilities. We focus on helping the student grow in all areas of their life - not just academics. We take a special approach to learning that makes it fun and exciting for each student.

Parents choose to send their child to the WHILDE School for different reasons. Some children don't fit in well at traditional schools and need a different kind of environment to succeed. Others want to homeschool their child but don't want to do it alone. Our school is a safe, supportive community where everyone is treated like family.

At the WHILDE School, our goal is to help each student achieve their full potential. We do this by focusing on their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. We believe that when we focus on the whole child, they are more likely to succeed in life.

We use a special tool called the WHILDE Blueprint to help us understand each student's strengths and weaknesses. This helps us create a personalized plan for each student. We use this plan every day to help our students learn and grow.

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Testimonials from our parents

" Life-changing! As middle school gave way to high school, I watched Annie's light slowly fade. My once confident and happy child was not being served by a conventional public school. In a charter school, she found a better learning model, but she was not challenged enough.

At the Whilde School, she finally found the balance between academic rigor and a program designed to help her learn in her own way. She is now a high school graduate with plans to go to college. Her smile is back, her light is bright, and my only regret is that we did not find the Whilde School earlier. "

Parent: Samuel M

" I can’t even begin to describe the AMAZING, BRILLIANT, LIFE-CHANGING impact the WHILDE School has had on my son. He went to school each day with a smile on his face and joy in his eyes. He made new friends and gained confidence in himself and his schooling.

The educators were always welcoming to hear ALL voices. When I bring Charlie to school, I feel like he is going to a second home where he is loved, accepted, and heard. "

Parent: Morgan P
" We are so lucky to have found the Whilde School for our son. They are kind, focused, and have the right training and tools to elevate students to their potential. A breath of fresh air for parents looking for something better than the norm. "
Parent: Karen F

" A life-changing move for our family to come to the WHILDE School~! My son has found great confidence through the thoughtful teaching, love, and support he receives each day.

He is so happy to come to school and, within days of starting, said he wanted WHILDE to be his "forever" school. We are grateful for our WHILDE School family! "

Parent: April G


    What does a Homeschool Program mean?

    Each of our Students is "homeschooled" in the eyes of the State of Maine.  Families have hired the WHILDE School to teach their children on their behalf.  Provided the Student completes the work and attends the appropriate amount of days, the Parent will receive a letter of completion that will then be submitted to the State of Maine.

    Program Times

    The OUR HOUSE Program is open from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. Mon thru Fri.  We follow our own calendar, which can be downloaded here.

    What kind of standardized testing is done?

    The Whilde School is a project-based school. We do not provide Standardized testing unless a parent requests it at the end of the academic year. The Whilde Blueprint assessments are conducted at the beginning of each school year.

    A Typical
    Day's Schedule

    • 8:00 am - Drop Off
    • 8:30 am - Start of the Day
    • 8:45 am - Subject 1
    • 9:30 am - Subject 2
    • 10:15 am - Morning Break
    • 10:30 am - Subject 3
    • 11:15 am - Subject 4
    • 11:45 am - Lunch
    • 12:45 pm - Group
    • 1:30 pm - Wrap Up / Pick Up Begins
    • 2:00 pm - School Day Ends

    Lunch and Snack

    Parents are to provide lunch and snacks for their children.  We do have a fridge and a place to heat food if needed. Students are encouraged to eat when they are hungry, but we do have an hour for lunch and a 15-minute morning break. The school does have extra items for emergencies if a Studentild has forgotten their lunch or snacks. 


    There are two conferences a year, one in October/November and then the second in February/March. We do provide constant communication with parents. Each week your classroom teacher will send out an email describing what will be taking place the current week in academics.  We highly encourage ongoing Parent/Teacher communication

    Other Activities

    • STEM

    Field Trips

    We take many field trips throughout the year to allow for learning in other environments. Trips we have taken in the past are Morse Mountain, Portland Museum of Art, Maine Maritime Museum, Yarmouth Historical Society, Pineland Farms, and Bradbury Mountain. The teachers try to connect a field trip with the curriculum taught in the classroom. 

    Parent Involvement

    At the WHILDE school, parent involvement is essential. We encourage regular contact with the parents to ensure that we are meeting your child’s needs. We are here to assist with academics and to help support your child’s emotional and health needs. We feel the child received the best result when we work as partners in this journey.  Along with regular weekly communication, we ask that parents sit with the student's teacher a minimum of two times a year for a conference to discuss their child’s progress.

    Learning Expectations for each Pod

    Elementary Pod:  This room is for grades 3rd - 5th. The multi-age room allows students to learn from younger and older students. They cover Math, Science, English, History, and electives.  In this classroom, there is the Lead Teacher and a dedicated Ed Tech to help support all students. 

    Middle School Pod:  This room is for grades 6th - 8th. This is a multi-age classroom where they learn and develop strong independent skills. In this classroom, they will cover English, Science, Math, and History, along with other electives. This classroom also focuses on building strong executive functioning skills to help support students when moving to the high school classroom.


    High School Pod: The high school room is for grades 9 - 12th. When a student enters the high school room, we set a plan that helps them through their four years before graduation. We look at what skills they need and classes to help prepare them for whatever path the student chooses after graduation.

    Freshman: All Main Core Classes (Science, English, History, Algebra, Electives)

    Sophomore: All Main Core Classes (Science, English, History, Geometry, Electives) Independent study, which is a topic of their choice that encourages exploration.

    Juniors: All Main Core Classes (Science with lab, English, Algebra 2, History), Career exploration, and Personal Finance. 

    Senior: English, Economics, Senior Project, Sociology/Philosophy (each one of these are a half year), and Work Study (half year). 



    Tuition The WHILDE School's tuition rates are the same for all grade levels. These rates & payment options are defined in the Rate Chart. 

    Sibling Discounts  Families enrolling more than one child in the OUR HOUSE Program will receive a 5% discount on each additional child.

    Deposit:  A $1,500 deposit and the signed Enrollment Contract are required to secure a child's space at The WHILDE School. The deposit is credited toward the tuition amount and is non-refundable if the student does not attend The WHILDE School.

    Yearly Tuition:  The Enrollment Contract is a commitment for the Child to attend The WHILDE School for the full 2024.2025 academic year.

    Academic Year. We understand that there can be life changes along the way. Therefore, if a student is withdrawn early from the program, we will recalculate the amount due to be equal to the Trimester Pricing for each Trimester the Student participated in, be it one day or the entire Trimester.

    *A signed agreement will be required before a Student is allowed to attend The WHILDE School.

    School Calendar

    At The WHILDE School, we separate the academic year into three Trimesters.

    We also follow our own calendar that is similar, but not the same as the local public schools.

    Download the 2023.2024 calendar