Virtually WHILDE Program

The WHILDE School is a special kind of homeschool program that creates a unique curriculum for each student based on their specific needs and abilities. If you're looking for an online version of The WHILDE School, you can check out Virtually Whilde.

Families choose The WHILDE School for different reasons. Some kids struggle in traditional public or private schools, while others want a more holistic approach to learning. Some parents want to homeschool their children but feel like they need help. Whatever the reason, The WHILDE School is a safe, supportive community that treats everyone like family.

At The WHILDE School, we believe in focusing on every aspect of a child: intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. By taking a "whole child" approach, we create an environment that inspires students to achieve their best, both academically and in life. To make this happen, we use a method called the WHILDE Blueprint. This helps us identify which areas a student needs support and what opportunities we can provide. We then use this information to create a personalized curriculum that incorporates the student's strengths and challenges into their daily lessons.


What does a Homeschool Program mean?

Each of our Students is "homeschooled" in the eyes of the State of Maine.  Families have hired the WHILDE School to teach their children on their behalf.

Who is a good fit for the Virtually WHILDE Program?

Having the online option is a great fit for students with anxiety/depression, processing disorders, loss of interest in public education, and social/emotional needs.

Overall though - Given that our program is tailored to where each child is at, and the curriculum is based on their interests and learning style(s), any child who likes online learning is a good fit for this program.

What makes our program different from others?

Holistic education is not just about what is happening inside the classroom but what is happening throughout the child's entire life. For example, if a child isn't eating enough or getting enough sleep, it is impossible for them to be performing at their highest capacity. If a child is stressed outside of the classroom, it would make sense that they might be frustrated or unable to pay attention when they are in class.  Traditional education often falls short of this, neglecting what happens to the child outside the classroom.  With holistic education, a child’s well-being is the top priority.

What kind of standardized testing is done?

The Whilde School is a project-based school. We do not provide Standardized testing unless a parent requests it at the end of the academic year. The Whilde Blueprint assessments are conducted at the beginning of each school year.


There are two conferences a year, one in October/November and then the second in February/March. We do provide constant communication with parents. Each week your classroom teacher will send out an email describing what will be taking place the current week in academics.  We highly encourage ongoing Parent/Teacher communication

Field Trips

We take many field trips throughout the year to allow for learning in other environments. Trips we have taken in the past are Morse Mountain, Portland Museum of Art, Maine Maritime Museum, Yarmouth Historical Society, Pineland Farms, and Bradbury Mountain. The teachers try to connect a field trip with the curriculum taught in the classroom. 

Parent Involvement

At the WHILDE school, parent involvement is essential. We encourage regular contact with the parents to ensure that we are meeting your child’s needs. We are here to assist with academics and to help support your child’s emotional and health needs. We feel the child received the best result when we work as partners in this journey.  Along with regular weekly communication, we ask that parents sit with the student's teacher a minimum of two times a year for a conference to discuss their child’s progress.

A Typical
Weeks Schedule

  • CORE LESSONS:  Two One-Hour 1:1 sessions each week. These sessions are the core content time between the student and the teacher. Typically, the first session covers ELA and Science, and the second covers Math and Social Studies.

  • ELECTIVES:  One thirty-minute 1:1 session each week. The student may choose a topic that is of interest to them - one that they want to learn more about.

  • WHILDE Habits:  One One-hour session in a group setting that focuses on building confidence, good work habits, goals, etc. We will work on areas that are of concern from ongoing assessments of our students.  This is a session where the student meets and works with other WHILDE Students virtually.

  • COMMUNITY BUILDING: One One-hour session in a group setting where we recognize that homeschooling can present families with social challenges. In a public school setting, students can converse with each other at any time. With virtual learning, we understand that it is still important to provide time for students to connect with other students. During this session, students will play games, have discussions, get a chance to see other students, etc.

  • OFFICE HOURS: We offer office hours multiple times a week so students can log on if they wish when they have questions, need help, or need a check-in.

What Are The Requirements/Materials That The Student Will Need?

  • A computer or tablet with keyboard that allows them to access Google Classroom and other Google apps (Gmail, Docs, Drive, etc.). (Cell phones are not acceptable)
  • A Gmail email address.
  • Strong and stable internet connection.
  • A workplace that is going to be comfortable and free from distractions. (Driving in a car does not count)
  • Access to paper, pens/pencils, whiteboard, and coloring/art supplies. Our program is interest based so there may be additional items needed from time to time but those will be communicated if/when they are needed.
  • Any supplemental material that you would like your child to also study/focus on. We invite parents to also challenge their child with learning activities such as art/music lessons, outside activities, clubs/projects, etc. to also fill up their day.



Tuition The WHILDE School's tuition rates are the same for all grade levels. These rates & payment options are defined in the Rate Chart.

Sibling Discounts  Families enrolling more than one child in the Virtually WHILDE Program will receive a 5% discount on each additional child.

Deposit:  A $1,000 deposit and the signed Enrollment Contract are required to secure a child's space at The WHILDE School. The deposit is credited toward the tuition amount and is non-refundable if the student does not attend The WHILDE School.

Yearly Tuition:  The Enrollment Contract is a commitment for the Child to attend The WHILDE School for the full 2024.2025 academic year.

Academic Year. We understand that there can be life changes along the way. Therefore, if a student is withdrawn early from the program, we will recalculate the amount due to be equal to the Trimester Pricing for each Trimester the Student participated in, be it one day or the entire Trimester.

*A signed agreement will be required before a Student is allowed to attend The WHILDE School.


At The WHILDE School, we separate the academic year into three Trimesters.

We also follow our own calendar that is similar, but not the same as the local public schools.

Download the 2023.2024 calendar

Shauna Broyer

Teacher of the Virtually WHILDE Program